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Book Summary of Coastliners

When Grosjean's estranged daughter Mado returns to Le Devin, a tiny island caught like a crab in the shallow seas of northern France, she brings with her an air of energy and change that ruffles the crusty local fisherman. Divided squarely into two warring communities, the people from La Houssinière on the near side and those from Les Salants on the far side, the islanders' traditional feuds and superstitions persist. More menacing is the powerful Brismand, whose ruthless interests threaten the very survival of Les Salants, the community to which Mado belongs.

In enterprising spirit, Mado arranges to build a huge reef diverting the tide that has been gradually shifting the Salannais' beach towards their rivals, the Houssins, on the other side of the island, and steals it back. In doing so, she sparks off a chain of events that brings not only hope to the dying Salannais community, but also revelations of a past tragedy that still haunts the elderly Grosjean. Mado is determined to find out what plagues her mute father, and to stop the cunning Brismand whose business plans threaten her family's land. But her head is turned by the attractive, free-spirited Flynn. How far can she trust this flame-haired stranger, who claims he is without roots, yet whose connections with the island seem to run so deep?

Inspired by the island Joanne Harris used to visit as a child, good battles against evil in this tale of bitter poetry that proves no man is ever an island. Rich with coastal imagery and smells, its twists and turns are salty and powerful, and utterly compelling.

About the Author
Joanne Harris is the author of the Whitbread-shortlisted Chocolat (made into a major film starring Juliette Binoche), Blackberry Wine, Five Quarters of the Orange, Coastliners, Holy Fools, Jigs & Reels, Sleep Pale Sister, Gentlemen & Players and, with Fran Warde, The French Kitchen: A Cookbook and The French Market: More Recipes from a French Kitchen. She lives in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, with her husband and daughter.

Details of Book: Coastliners (BSID:3901)

Book Coastliners
Author Joanne Harris
ISBN 0552998850
ISBN-13 9780552998857, 978-0552998857
Binding Paperback
Publisher Black Swan
Publishing Date 2011
Number of Pages 480
Language English
Dimensions 7.8 x 5 x 1.1 inches
Weight 322 grams

Reviews of Coastliners (0 Reviews) Have you Read this Book Write a Review

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Jenny Sparrow July 26, 2011 review from Goodreads

Я кÑ?пила книгÑ? Ð?жоаннÑ? ХаÑ?Ñ?ис "Ð?сÑ?Ñ?ов на кÑ?аÑ? свеÑ?а" как Ñ?олÑ?ко Ñ?знала, Ñ?Ñ?о она вÑ?Ñ?ла. Ð?еÑ?вое впеÑ?аÑ?ление - оÑ?енÑ? кÑ?асивая обложка. Ð?Ñ?оÑ?ое (когда оÑ?кÑ?Ñ?ла пеÑ?вÑ?Ñ? сÑ?Ñ?аниÑ?Ñ? и наÑ?ала Ñ?иÑ?аÑ?Ñ?) - оÑ?игиналÑ?ное название "Coastliners" вÑ?зÑ?ваеÑ? совеÑ?Ñ?енно не Ñ?е конноÑ?аÑ?ии, Ñ?Ñ?о его "пеÑ?евод" на Ñ?Ñ?сский язÑ?к...

Rebekah January 04, 2010 review from Goodreads

Having read a few books by Joanne Harris, I knew a bit of what to expect. A great love of travel, and some wonderful setting in France would be a background to the tale, and a heroine in search of herself to pull us through the story. Coastliners only exception is the fact that rather than set in...

Bridget August 13, 2009 review from Goodreads

Apparently, I am on a kick where I read books that don't turn out to be that enjoyable. Having enjoyed two other books by Joanne Harris, I thought this would probably be a good one too. Not so much.This is the story of a group of families who live in a village on an island off the coast of France...

Guera February 09, 2011 review from Goodreads

In general an easy read but unfortunately a lot of repetitions of already known facts. I also felt the characters were a little fatalistic which contributed to the story being unrealistic at times. The plot is forced by giving prudent information but the main character conveniently fail to see th...

Liss January 31, 2008 review from Goodreads

This is Joanne Harris's dud. On it's own it might get 3.5 or 4 stars but in comparison to her other books it just isn't as good. The characters aren't as real, the twists aren't as unexpected, the pace isn't quite as engrossing. I still read it in about four days, it's still a good book, not grea


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