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Deeper Than the Dead

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Book Summary of Deeper Than the Dead

California, 1985. Four children, playing in the woods behind their school, stumble upon a woman's body, eyes and mouth glued shut. Close behind the children is their teacher, Anne Navarre, horrified by this gruesome discovery that marks the end of the children's innocence. What she doesn't yet realize is that this will also mark the end of innocence for an entire community, as the complex ties that bind families and friends are tested in the wake of the killer's ever more devastating activity. Vince Leone, a pioneering FBI investigator, is called in to try to unlock the mind of the killer using the fledgling technique of profiling - a strategy that pulls him ever deeper into the lives of the children and their young teacher. Secrets spill out, reputations shatter and people get desperate as the lives of these very different children are bound tighter and tighter together by the suspicion that falls over their families. Vince and Anne know the lives of more women are at stake - but they soon realise they are also fighting to save the futures of these children. After all, growing up in the shadow of a killer leaves its marks. Perhaps evil binds as tightly as love...

Details of Book: Deeper Than the Dead (BSID:22896)

Book Deeper Than the Dead
Author Tami Hoag
ISBN 0752891642
ISBN-13 9780752891644, 978-0752891644
Binding Paperback
Publishing Date 01/12/2008
Number of Pages 432
Language English

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L. June 18, 2012 review from Goodreads

I give the novel two stars because I haven't found a typo. Unfortunately, that is the best trait of the work. I have read several of Ms. Hoag's novels, as I'm an avid reader, and I try to give authors a few tries, especially if they have a sizable following. Sadly, all of her books seem to share...

June December 17, 2011 review from Goodreads

I really must stop with these gruesome books with too vivid descriptions of how the victims die. Remember in the older mysteries, we just knew that a knife wound brought blood, not shredded the heart, opened the valves, with gallons of blood soaking - etc etc - but, I did read Ms. Tami Hoag's mys...

Auriette December 08, 2011 review from Goodreads

I donâ??t read many mysteries, and Iâ??d never read anything by Tami Hoag until I picked up â??Deeper Than the Deadâ? a couple of weeks ago. I should explain that more clearly. A few months ago, I won copies of two books by Ms. Hoag, and I gave them to my mom, and she read them and gave them back, and t...

Shazza September 25, 2011 review from Goodreads

I grabbed this book out of the library because the jacket blurb reminded me of Bella in the Wych Elm - some kids finding a murdered woman, buried in a forest.Let's just say the story goes far beyond that.It's 1985 and Tommy Crane, his best friend, Wendy Morgan and their nemesis, Dennis Farman and...


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