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Book Summary of Lady

A flirtatious, confident and rebellious teenager is transformed into an understandably confused and frightened dog by a tramp with magical powers. Sandra has a lot of growing up to do, quickly, to survive as a scrounging stray in a competitive and rough dog's world. She must do the clearest thinking of her life to work out whether she wants to recover her humanity, and if so, how to do it. This is doubly difficult as the brain she must think with is reduced to the scattered consciousness of a dog and the reality of the situation poses enormous problems as she finds herself experiencing all the physical aspects of being a dog, including running with a pack and going on heat.

About the Author

Melvin Burgess was born in London and brought up in Surrey and Sussex. He has had a variety of jobs before becoming a full-time writer. Before his first novel, he had short stories published and a play broadcast on Radio 4. Three of his novels have been shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal.

Details of Book: Lady (BSID:14310)

Book Lady
Author Melvin Burgess
ISBN 0862647703
ISBN-13 9780862647704, 978-0862647704
Binding Hardcover
Publisher Random House Uk
Publishing Date 20010906
Number of Pages 160
Language English
Dimensions 7.44 x 5.12 x 0.91 inches
Weight 271 grams

Reviews of Lady (0 Reviews) Have you Read this Book Write a Review

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Lena August 22, 2011 review from Goodreads

When I tell people what this book is about, it sounds stupid even to me. "Um, it's about a girl who gets turned into a dog, and like, she's really trying to turn back into a human, you know, man?"Yeah, sounds like a stoned person came up with that plot. But, somehow Melvin Burgess pulls it off. P...

Lisa March 24, 2009 review from Goodreads

Finally finished this book. Here it goes: Sandra is a sleazy teen in England. One day she trips over a drunk homeless man, spilling his beer. He gets ticked off at her and poof! turns her into a dog. (That's his special talent).The remainder of the book is Sandra's (now called Lady) dealing with...

Katherine June 16, 2012 review from Goodreads

I have read this book so many times! I'm 24, but the first time I read it at 14 I loved it! It was my favourite book, but having read it recently as an adult, it's not as great (which is why it's marked down by 1 star). A definite good one for teens though :)

Geli May 09, 2012 review from Goodreads

Once again Melvin Burgess captures my imagination. This was really great read. I couldnt put it down. The ending is totally not what I expected but expect from Burgess. I think the lesson with this novel is to live your life the way you want it.

Melanie July 29, 2010 review from Goodreads

This book really explains what a wiley teenage girl goes through, or so I've heard from teenage girls who can relate : )


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