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Book Summary of LAST PLAYBOY PB

A scandalous story of money, drugs, fast cars, high politics, lowly crime, hundreds of beautiful woman and one man, Porfirio Rubirosa from the celebrated author of RAT PACK CONFIDENTIAL.

Details of Book: LAST PLAYBOY PB (BSID:101685)

Author Shawn Levy
ISBN 0007171072
ISBN-13 9780007171071, 978-0007171071
Binding print on demand (paperback)
Publisher Harper Collins Paperback
Publishing Date 2006
Number of Pages 368
Language English
Dimensions 5.08 x 7.8 x 0.75 inches
Weight 361 grams

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Louise August 31, 2013 review from Goodreads

Imagine? He fills your room with flowers. He changes his hotel room to be next to yours to "feel you through the walls." Maybe he sends a limo and escort to take you shopping for something special to wear for dinner. He's a great dancer. He's dashing on a horse or in a race car. The impeccable ma...

Peter April 29, 2013 review from Goodreads

Ah, the life of a woman-chasing, polo-playing, fast-driving, nightclubbing, high-styled man of leisure ain't what it used to be. An absorbing biography of a man who was once famous and has slipped from public consciousness, this is not only a commentary on the vagaries of popularity but of the cu...

Sarah January 02, 2008 review from Goodreads

This book was both reassuring and scary in some ways. It was reassuring to know that being famous for being famous was nothing new. Porfirio Rubirosa was very famous in his time although he never had a real job or a real purpose. On the other hand, he is almost completely forgotten now, 43 years...

Margaret June 02, 2013 review from Goodreads

Biography of Porfirio Rubirosa, famous fifties playboy, married at one time or another to Barbara Hutton, Doris Duke, and various other rich or famous women. His first wife, Flor de Oro Trujillo, daughter of the Dominican dictator, effectively launched him on his career as a diplomat but mostly a...

Jeff June 29, 2011 review from Goodreads

Rubi is one of those people who seemed to pop up here and there in other books I would read, then I saw this on the shelf while browsing and picked it up. This was the nice, fairly trashy read I was in the mood for. The book's tone is similar to the more lurid Howard Hughes books I've read. And y...


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