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Mr Benn Gladiator

Publisher: Andersen Press
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Book Summary of Mr Benn Gladiator

Mr Benn dresses up and travels back in time as a Roman gladiator.
Mr Benn is an ordinary man who lives in an ordinary house on an ordinary street. Sometimes he visits a costume shop which seems to be ordinary but from which some quite extraordinary adventures can begin.

"From the Hardcover edition.

Mr Benn always visits a costume shop, chooses a costume, and goes through a special door. Then, as if by magic, he can travel to the era represented by the costume. This time he chooses a gladiator costume and is transported to Ancient Rome. But he has forgotten that gladiators fought one another. When the Emperor spots Mr Benn, he has him carried off to the arena. The worried gladiators there explain that they must fight, even though fighting is wrong. Will it be thumbs down for the alternative entertainment Mr Benn proposes?

Details of Book: Mr Benn Gladiator (BSID:2521)

Book Mr Benn Gladiator
Author David Mckee
ISBN 1842703722
ISBN-13 9781842703724, 978-1842703724
Binding Paperback
Publisher Andersen Press
Publishing Date 10/2005
Number of Pages 32
Language English
Dimensions 6.5 x 8.64 x 0.19 inches
Weight 191 grams

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Emily February 07, 2010 review from Goodreads

Chances are, you will either love "Mr. Benn, Gladiator" or strongly dislike it. As with "Nutmeg" (see my other reviews), this is a book that leaves many questions unanswered, which will either frustrate you/your kid(s) or inspire a feeling of wonder. Mr. Benn frequents (we surmise) a costume shop...

Yarb November 03, 2008 review from Goodreads

Man of many changes Mr Benn gladiates gaily.


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