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Necessary Evil

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Book Summary of Necessary Evil

It was to be a routine job. Matt Franklin and his companions would rob the Securicor van. Simple. Until the job turned into a nightmare. Two of them are shot dead and another fatally wounded. But who is trying to wipe them out, killing not just them but their families too? How are the Government and the British army implicated? What lurks within a secret research establishment in the English countryside? Franklin has to find out. Finally the only one left alive, he tires of being the prey and decides to become the hunter. His quest will bring him into conflict with forces he cannot begin to imagine or understand but he is driven by a need for revenge that overrides his fear. Aided by a desperate detective, Franklin becomes embroiled in a series of events that lead to a terrifying climax in the London Underground where he comes face to face with the answers he has sought. Like all of us, Franklin was told monsters don't exist. He's about to find out someone was lying...

Details of Book: Necessary Evil (BSID:43431)

Book Necessary Evil
Author Hutson Shaun
ISBN 0751535222
ISBN-13 9780751535228, 978-0751535228
Binding Paperback
Publishing Date 17/03/2005
Number of Pages 480
Language English
Weight 250 grams

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Dreadlocksmile April 13, 2009 review from Goodreads

Shaun Hutsonâ??s recent novel â??Necessary Evilâ? is a complete return to form for the â??Godfather Of Goreâ??. Obviously highly influenced by the recent events of terrorist attacks, Hutson delivers a powerful and compelling novel. From the very beginning, the reader is thrown into the fast-paced action w...


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