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Point Counter Point

Publisher: Vintage Classics
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Book Summary of Point Counter Point

The dilettantes who frequent Lady Tantamount’s society parties are determined to push forward the moral frontiers of the age. Marjorie has left her family to live with Walter; Walter is in love with the luscious but cold-hearted Lucy who devours every man in sight; the repulsive Spandrell deflowers young girls for the sake of entertainment and all the while everyone is engaged in dazzling and witty conversation.

About the Author
Aldous Huxley was born on 26th July 1894 near Godalming, Surrey. He began writing poetry and short stories in his early twenties, but it was his first novel, ’Crome Yellow’ (1921), which established his literary reputation. This was swiftly followed by ’Antic Hay’ (1923), ’Those Barren Leaves’ (1925) and ’Point Counter Point’ (1928) - bright, brilliant satires in which Huxley wittily but ruthlessly passed judgement on the shortcomings of contemporary society. For most of the 1920s Huxley lived in Italy and an account of his experiences there can be found in ’Along The Road’ (1925). The great novels of ideas, including his most famous work ’Brave New World’ (published in 1932 this warned against the dehumanising aspects of scientific and material ’progress’) and the pacifist novel ’Eyeless in Gaza’ (1936) were accompanied by a series of wise and brilliant essays, collected in volume form under titles such as ’Music at Night’ (1931) and ’Enda and Means’ (1937). In 1937, at the height of his fame, Huxley left Europe to live in California, working for a time as a screenwriter in Hollywood. As the West braced itself for war, Huxley came increasingly to believe that the key to solving the world’s problems lay in changing the individual through mystical enlightenment. The exploration of the inner life through mysticism and hallucinogenic drugs was to dominate his work for the rest of his life. His beliefs found expression in both fiction (’Time Must Have a Stop’, 1944 and ’Island’, 1962) and non-fiction (’The Perennial Philosophy’, 1945, ’Grey Eminence’, 1941 and the famous account of his first mescalin experience, ’The Doors of Perception’, 1954. Huxley died in California on 22nd November 1963.

Details of Book: Point Counter Point (BSID:14381)

Book Point Counter Point
Author Aldous Huxley
ISBN 0099458195
ISBN-13 9780099458197, 978-0099458197
Binding Paperback
Publisher Vintage Classics
Publishing Date 2011
Number of Pages 592
Language English
Dimensions 7.8 x 5.08 x 1.46 inches
Weight 395 grams

Reviews of Point Counter Point (0 Reviews) Have you Read this Book Write a Review

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Alan November 03, 2010 review from Goodreads

Point Counter Point is a tragicomedy about a group of London intellectuals and/or members of the leisured class in the 1920s. Despite cynical and fun-making elements, Huxley allows his characters to formulate a series of profound and serious ideas, amongst them being:(a) Why do people bother with...

Edi February 20, 2009 review from Goodreads

To this day, Aldous Huxley's "Point Counter Point" remains my favourite novel. The deepest corners of human nature -- that's where he goes, and that's where I haven't seen anyone else being able to.The novel doesn't have a front-to-back storyline, a precise plot, or a main character. It starts of...

Smcleish May 28, 2012 review from Goodreads

Originally published on my blog here in November 1999.Point Counter Point is about contrasts (hence the title) as well as Huxley's perennial themes of dehumanisation and futility in the modern world. It is full of mismatched couples, people committed to psychological and political opposites. It i...

Anja January 04, 2012 review from Goodreads

I reread Point Counter Point after discovering that Dorothy L. Sayers wittely, intellectually and mostly gently pokes fun at the book and its author in The Documents in the Case , in the person of John Munting, alias Philip Quarles, alias Aldous Huxley himself (talk of Russian puppets inside pupp...

Lea May 29, 2010 review from Goodreads

Historically interesting in its structure, playing with picking up and putting down the story from the various viewpoints of the characters. I found this a bit disorientating at first, when a character is ditched and a totally unrelated scene unfolds. Sometimes a character is abandoned for long p...


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