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Premchand Classics Combo Pack (Set Of 6 Books)

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Book Summary of Premchand Classics Combo Pack (Set Of 6 Books)

‘Premchand Classics for Children’ is a series of six short stories, translated and adapted from original stories written by Munshi Premchand. The stories are simple yet enchanting because of their contemporary relevance. They are vivid in their portrayal of tradition-bound Indian villages and towns and describe conditions and situations that are common even today.

The Set Includes The Following 6 Titles:
1) Premchand Classics: Atmaram
‘Atmaram’ is the story of Mahadev, a village goldsmith, and his beloved parrot named Atmaram. Mahadev is unduly strict with everyone but he loves his pet the most. Atmaram once flies away from his cage into a forest. Mahadev follows it and stumbles upon a pot of gold coins which bring about a significant change in his life.

2) Premchand Classics: Force of Destruction
Bhungi is a poor old widow who earns her living by roasting grain and doing odd jobs for Pandit Udaybhan, the head of the village. The story describes Bhungi’s suffering and anguish when Pandit Udaybhan destroys her chulha and sets fire to her shanty. ‘Force of Destruction’ underlines the fact that wrong deeds never go unpunished.

3) Premchand Classics: The Curse of Hidden Treasure
‘The Curse of the Hidden Treasure’ is the story of a young boy named Magan who works in a brick kiln. Babu Haridas, the owner of the brick kiln, sympathises with Magan and visits his house to meet his ailing mother. The old lady gives him the map to a treasure buried somewhere near the house and asks him to hand it over to Magan when he grows up. But Haridas is overpowered with greed and sets out in search of the treasure all alone.

4) Premchand Classics: My Good Friend Kajaki
‘My Good Friend Kajaki’ is a story narrated by a young boy. The story describes the friendship between the narrator and Kajaki, a tribal who delivers mails in his father’s office. The narrator grows fond of Kajaki and is shattered when he is dismissed from work. The story describes the relationship between the two friends and gives a whole new definition to friendship.

5) Premchand Classics: Revenge does not Pay
‘Revenge Does Not Pay’ is a story about two villagers who quarrel over a petty issue which escalates into a terrible fight. Jhingur and Buddhu conspire against each other and devise plans to take revenge. An excellent example of human folly, the story depicts how the two villagers lose everything they have and are forced to live on the streets.

6) Premchand Classics: Silly Friends
Keshav and Shyama are excited about two sparrows choosing their home to build their nest. They get curious when they realise that the birds have laid eggs and make all sorts of arrangements to safeguard their eggs. ‘The Foolish Brother and Sister’ traces their misadventures as they remain oblivious of the fact that birds disown their eggs if touched by human hands.

Details of Book: Premchand Classics Combo Pack (Set Of 6 Books) (BSID:73506)

Book Premchand Classics Combo Pack (Set Of 6 Books)
Author Premchand
ISBN 5111122694
ISBN-13 9785111122694, 978-5111122694
Binding Paperback
Publisher Bpi India
Publishing Date 2011
Language Hindi

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