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Publisher: Penguin
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Book Summary of Shobhaa De Box Set

The set includes the following 3 titles :

1) Sultry Days
On a sultry, rainy Bombay day Nisha, an impressionable teenager, meets God in the college canteen and falls in love with his ragged, bearded looks and crude, streetwise manners. God patronizingly accepts her into his 'group' and it is in this way that their long and passionate romance begins…. God's driving ambition leads him into the unreal world of pseudo poetry, art for hire and compromised journalism while Nisha lands a job in advertising. Sycophants, court jesters, whores, dirty old men, fixers, pretty boys and party girls drift in and out of their lives (and interrupt their romance!) as their careers take off with dizzying speed… And then, abruptly and harrowingly, everything about their lives goes wrong...

'Ms De shocks India, and much of its literary set like no other writer today' — New York Times

2) Sisters
When her parents die in an air crash, Mikki Hiralal suddenly finds herself the owner of the sprawling Hiralal industrial empire. Abandoning her studies in the United States, she returns to Bombay, only to find her father’s business affairs in a mess. Almost bankrupt, beset on all sides by creditors, takeover tycoons and unreliable associates, Mikki realizes there is only one person she can turn to for help—the beautiful Alisha, her father’s illegitimate daughter. There is only one hitch: Alisha hates Mikki....

Set in the corrupt world of big business, Shobhaa Dé tells an engrossing story of two women who play for very high stakes, driven by ambition, lust, greed and hate.

3) Starry Nights
Aasha Rani, the ravishingly beautiful 'Sweetheart of Millions', makes one fatal career-move: she falls in love.

Aasha Rani, the unrivalled number one of Bombay cinema, seems intent on ruining her career—and her life—blinded by a scorching passion that threatens to destroy everything she has attained. Aasha Rani's story is that of a vulnerable, small-town girl whose scheming mother pushes her via a never-ending orgy of blue films and indiscriminate sex into the crass world of Bombay cinema, teeming with vicious, preening stars and near-stars and insecure, high-society celebrities: Akshay Arora, the reigning stud of 70mm and the object of Aasha Rani's desire; Sheth Amirchand, the Don of Bombay's underworld, under whose hallowed sheets her career is sealed; Kishenbhai, the small-time distributor, who gives her her first break, and his heart; Sudha, her younger sister, whose envy and hate of her sister's success make her Aasha Rani's worst enemy.

Details of Book: Shobhaa De Box Set (BSID:73447)

Book Shobhaa De Box Set
Author Shobhaa De
ISBN 0143417657
ISBN-13 9780143417651, 978-0143417651
Binding Paperback
Publisher Penguin
Publishing Date 2011
Language English

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