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Sleeping Beauty, The

Publisher: Childrens Classics
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Book Summary of Sleeping Beauty, The

This most romantic of fairy tales is found in many versions, and the story of the beautiful girl who falls into a long sleep, to be awakened by a lover, has been interpreted by some as an allegory of the spring revival of the earth after a long winter. Charles Seddon Evans, a schoolmaster turned publisher, retold the story specially for Arthur Rackham, who illustrated it with silhouette drawing as a companion volume to CINDERELLA, both first published in 1919 and now reissued in Everyman's Library.

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Details of Book: Sleeping Beauty, The (BSID:7922)

Book Sleeping Beauty, The
Author C S Evans
ISBN 1857159209
ISBN-13 9781857159202, 978-1857159202
Binding Paperback
Publisher Childrens Classics
Publishing Date 21/10/93
Number of Pages 112
Language English
Dimensions 8.27 x 5 x 0.55 inches
Weight 280 grams

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Tiger Holland (All-Consuming Books) May 02, 2011 review from Goodreads

In this version of the classic fairytale, the King and Queen are (as always) basically reduced to cyphers who are consumed by their longing for offspring. Things get weird early on in the story when a talking frog confronts the queen in the bathroom and says it will grant her the desire of her he...

Andrea May 21, 2012 review from Goodreads

It is a lengthening of the known fairy tale, very similar to the version of the Grimm brothers. Beautifully written and interesting. Although, I liked the short fairy tale much better because sometimes I felt that this one was way too embellished. Interesting nonetheless.

Melody March 03, 2012 review from Goodreads

I just love all the fairy tales. I love reading the original stories too, because most of what I know is what Disney has turned the story into in their movies. Which, of course, is totally different.So I really enjoyed this. :)

Voracious_reader June 02, 2012 review from Goodreads

Fun. Not as short as Perrault's version, not as dark as Grimm's, not as sexual as Giambattista's version. Quite suitable for children. I should ad that this version doesn't have the morality tale feel of the others.

Kristy May 04, 2011 review from Goodreads

Another one I'm not too fond of. It was okay, and the beginning was really humorous, but the why on earth does pricking one's finger on a spinning wheel make somebody die???!


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