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Strindberg's Star

Publisher: Atlantic Books
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Book Summary of Strindberg's Star

Taklamakan desert, 1895
A new Pompeii has come to light and, with it, two remarkable artefacts, found in a hidden burial chamber. A metal ankh and star - covered in strange inscriptions, feather-light and cool to the touch.

Svalbard, 1897
On the skerried islands of Svalbard, a hydrogen balloon is readied for a polar voyage. Publicly, it is a patriotic attempt to put Sweden in the lead of the race to the North Pole. Privately, the three men on board have another objective. But S. A Andree, Knut Frankel and Nils Strindberg will never be seen alive again.

Falun, Sweden, 2011
260 meters under the earth, in a long-flooded mineshaft, a diver's torch beam plays over a mouldering corpse with a fist-sized hole in its forehead. Skeletal fingers clutch a metal amulet. It is the key to the annals of a secret history so deeply buried that the few who knew of it though it lost forever. Until now...

Details of Book: Strindberg's Star (BSID:114610)

Book Strindberg's Star
Author Jan Wallentin
ISBN 1848879881
ISBN-13 9781848879881, 978-1848879881
Binding Paperback
Publisher Atlantic Books
Publishing Date 2012
Number of Pages 450
Language English
Weight 617 grams

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Alan November 28, 2012 review from Goodreads

Shades of ancient astronauts...An unlikeable loner descends into a flooded, abandoned copper mine in Sweden, hoping to out-dive his rivals, the Dyke Divers, and gain a moment of online fame. When he does, he comes face to face with a disturbingly well-preserved corpse, holding a mysterious artifa...

Cheryl May 19, 2012 review from Goodreads

The year was 1897. Nils Strindberg traveled with several companions. Their balloon crashed in the North Pole during the Andree Expedition. What they left behind to this day still has people searching.Erik Hall was checking out pictures of other mine explorers. One that had Erik's attention was of...

Ronald April 01, 2012 review from Goodreads

I don't remember having this much fun reading an adventure story since first devouring the stories of Jules Verne. This is what an adventure story should be. It is loaded with action, exotic locals, deliciously evil villains, and a not too heroic, slightly neurotic, unsympathetic character who ho...

Dieleserin January 22, 2012 review from Goodreads

Bei einer Tauchtour in einem längst vergessenen Bergwerk macht Erik Hall einen unglaublichen Fund: Eine Leiche hält ein ungewöhnliches Kreuz aus unbekannten Material in ihren Armen. Der Taucher entwedet das Kreuz und benachrichtig die Polizei. Natürlich bekommt die Presse davon Wind und plötzlich...

Marie June 19, 2011 review from Goodreads

"Strindbergs Stern" von Jan Wallentin erzählt die Geschichte zweier mystischer bzw. schon magischer Objekte â?? Kreuz und Stern. Erik Hall findet das Kreuz während seiner Tauchexpedition am Grund eines Bergwerkstollens neben einer Leiche. In dem kleinen Ort in Schweden ist das natürlich eine Sensat...


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