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Tanka Tanka Skunk

Publisher: Random House Uk
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Book Summary of Tanka Tanka Skunk

Meet Tanka, the elephant and his friend Skunka. Say their names together and they SOUND LIKE DRUMS! Tanka, Skunka, Tanka, Skunka, Tanka Tanka Skunk! They have lots of friends for you to meet, so say their names to the Tanka Skunka beat! Lemurs, llamas, zebras, badgers, caterpillars, big GORILLAS and yakety, yakety yaks. The book takes the reader on a veritable roller-coaster ride of sights and sounds as animals leap and dance across the brightly coloured pages. Terrific fun to read aloud one to one with a small child, and an absolute riot for group activities.

About the Author

Steve studied Graphic Design and Illustration at Bristol Art College and then worked as a designer in Bristol. He moved to Manchester in the 1990s, working at various design and advertising agencies and exhibiting his work in galleries in Stockport, Macclesfield, Bristol and Manchester. He now works as a freelance designer and lives in the Peak District with his wife and children.

Details of Book: Tanka Tanka Skunk (BSID:5218)

Book Tanka Tanka Skunk
Author Steve Webb
ISBN 0099439778
ISBN-13 9780099439776, 978-0099439776
Binding Paperback
Publisher Random House Uk
Publishing Date 20040701
Number of Pages 32
Language English
Dimensions 11.02 x 9.25 x 0.2 inches
Weight 172 grams

Reviews of Tanka Tanka Skunk (0 Reviews) Have you Read this Book Write a Review

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Roger February 01, 2012 review from Goodreads

Tanka Tanka Skunk by author and illustrator Steve Webb makes superb use of musicality to accompany vivid and amazing illustrations. Tanka (an elephant) and Skunka (a Skunk) play drums. Webb repeats the rhythmic tune the two characters play throughout the book: รข??Skunka Tanka/ Skunka Tanka/ Tanka T...

Nasima October 04, 2011 review from Goodreads

I'm an adult and i loved this book! It made me want to read the book out aloud with the rhythm. This book is very good! It's about an elephant called Tanka and skunk called Skunka. It goes through the book with lots of different animals and in some pages what noises some animals make. The book is...

Melanie March 14, 2010 review from Goodreads

This is a great book. Nice simple pictures, easy and fun to read. It takes several times through to get the rythm of it all down. I think my baby will like it even more when she's older. It's a lot of fun now, but I think she'll just love it in a year or two.

Valerie July 16, 2009 review from Goodreads

perfect for a rhythm and rhyme theme - don't be afraid to get out the rhythm sticks and have the kids beat out the syllables as you read this one. Great for toddlers to learn clapping out beats or for preschoolers and beginning readers to get the rhythm.


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