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The Lessons of History

Publisher: Simon & Schuster
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Book Summary of The Lessons of History

A concise survey of the culture and civilization of mankind, The Lessons of History is the result of a lifetime of research from Pulitzer Prize–winning historians Will and Ariel Durant. With their accessible compendium of philosophy and social progress, the Durants take us on a journey through history, exploring the possibilities and limitations of humanity over time. Juxtaposing the great lives, ideas, and accomplishments with cycles of war and conquest, the Durants reveal the towering themes of history and give meaning to our own.

About the Author
WILL DURANT (1885-1981) was awarded the Pulitzer Prize (1968) and the Presidential Medal of Freedom (1977). He spent over fifty years writing his critically acclaimed eleven-volume series, The Story of Civilization (the later volumes written in conjunction with his wife, Ariel). A champion of human rights issues such as the brotherhood of man and social reform long before such issues were popular, Durant, through his writings, continues to educate and entertain readers the world over.
Will and Ariel Durant, after spending over fifty years completing the critically acclaimed series The Story of Civilization, were awarded the Pulitzer Prize for General Nonfiction in 1968. In 1977, the Durants were presented with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Champions of human rights and social reform, the Durants continue to educate and entertain readers the world over. For more information on their work, visit

Details of Book: The Lessons of History (BSID:68219)

Book The Lessons of History
Author Will Durant, Ariel Durant
ISBN 143914995X
ISBN-13 9781439149959, 978-1439149959
Binding Paperback
Publisher Simon & Schuster
Publishing Date 2010
Number of Pages 128
Language English
Dimensions 8.4 x 5.6 x 0.33 inches
Weight 122 grams

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Danger February 12, 2008 review from Goodreads

The first thing to understand about this book is that it was written by old people. By this, I donâ??t even mean that they were chronologically enhanced; more that they were trapped by that inflexible mindset which places tradition and an intense desire for belonging above a natural exploration of...

Nawal October 28, 2010 review from GoodreadsÙ?Ù?ت Ù?د Ù?ررت Ø£Ù? أعطÙ? اÙ?Ù?تاب Ù?جÙ?تÙ?Ù? .. Ù?Ù?Ù? آخر فصÙ? Ù?Ù?ب Ù?Ù?ازÙ?Ù? اÙ?Ù?تب Ù?اخترت Ø£Ù? Ø£Ù?Ù?Ù?Ù? ب Ø«Ù?اث Ù?جÙ?ات .. Ù?اÙ? Ù?Ù?Ù? Ù?زÙ?جتÙ? ارÙ?Ù?Ù? بتأÙ?Ù?ف Ù?ذا اÙ?Ù?تاب بعد اÙ?تÙ?ائÙ?Ù? Ù?Ù? تأÙ?Ù?ف Ù?Ù?شر Ù?تاب Ù?صة اÙ?حضارة اÙ?ضخÙ? Ù?Ù?Ø£Ù?Ù? فÙ? رحÙ?تÙ? عبر اÙ?تارÙ?Ø® Ù?Ù?دÙ? درÙ?سا Ù?ستفادة Ù?عبر Ù?Ù? اÙ?تارÙ?Ø® اÙ?Ø°Ù? Ù?Ù?رر Ù?فسÙ? بصÙ?رتÙ?...

Lowell June 10, 2011 review from Goodreads

I first heard of Will and Ariel Durant in 2004 when reading a message by Jeffrey R. Holland, then President of Brigham Young University:No one man, however brilliant or well-informed, can come in one lifetime to such fullness of understanding as to safely judge and dismiss the customs or institut...

Ù?Ù?Ù?د March 12, 2011 review from Goodreads

اÙ?Ù?تاب باÙ?اصÙ? Ù?Ù? طبعة 1968 Ù?Ù?Ù?Ù? اÙ?Ù?سخ اÙ?عربÙ?Ø© اÙ?ظاÙ?ر Ù?تعددة Ù?Ù?Ø°Ù? اÙ?صÙ?رة Ù?Ù?سخة فÙ?Ù?ا ترجÙ?Ø© حرفÙ?Ø© Ù?Ù?عÙ?Ù?اÙ?Ù?Ù?Ù?Ù? اÙ?تÙ? Ù?رأتÙ?ا Ù?Ù? تحت اسÙ? ...عبر اÙ?تارÙ?Ø® Ù?طبعة 1993Ù?Ù?شرت اÙ?شرح Ù?اÙ?تعÙ?Ù?Ù? Ù?فصÙ?ا باÙ?Ù?دÙ?Ù?Ø© عÙ?Ù? اÙ?رابط اÙ?تاÙ?Ù?اÙ?شرح اÙ?تفصÙ?Ù?Ù? اÙ?تاÙ?Ù?Ù?رأت Ù?Ù?Ù?ختصر Ù?تحÙ?Ù?Ù? Ù?تعÙ?Ù?Ù? Ù?...

Olga June 13, 2011 review from Goodreads

I absolutely loved this book, Will & Ariel Duran dedicated a life (about 50 years) to study history and philosophy.They had a canny perception of the impact of history in on present time; the history of politics,government,the faith and in issues of race, how all this areas are impacted by th...


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