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The Maddest Idea

Publisher: Corgi
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Book Summary of The Maddest Idea

The second book in the enthralling Revolution at Sea series

In the late summer of 1775, General George Washington discovers that his cache of gunpowder has dwindled to a mere nine shots per man. A desperate plan is hatched – to send a ship under the command of Captain Isaac Biddlecomb to Bermuda to capture the British powder known to be there.

But the plan is a trap, set by a traitor among the patriots, and one from which even Biddlecomb cannot escape. Washington despatches his aide-de-camp, Major Edward Fitzgerald, to hunt the traitor down, while Biddlecomb must rely on cunning and seamanship to free his men and the ship, and to capture the gunpowder that is the lifeblood of the fight for liberty.

Divided by an ocean but bound by the cause, as well as by their own private fears, Biddlecomb and Fitzgerald must take on a common enemy – the greatest military power on earth…

A powerful saga of the American Revolution – a stirring maritime adventure in the epic, true-to-life tradition of Patrick O'Brian.

About the Author
James Nelson has served as a seaman, rigger, boatswain and officer on a number of sailing vessels. He is the author of the five books comprising his The Revolution at Sea saga and The Brethren of the Coast trilogy. He lives with his wife and children in Maine.

His web site can be found at

Details of Book: The Maddest Idea (BSID:2428)

Book The Maddest Idea
Author James Nelson
ISBN 0552160512
ISBN-13 9780552160513, 978-0552160513
Binding Paperback
Publisher Corgi
Publishing Date 03/11/09
Number of Pages 528
Language English
Dimensions 6.97 x 4.33 x 1.46 inches
Weight 440 grams

Reviews of The Maddest Idea (0 Reviews) Have you Read this Book Write a Review

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Christopher September 04, 2017 review from Goodreads

A pretty solid story about some events in American history I was not familiar with. While the US wars at sea were never as long and involved as British, there still were some interesting events, and this trilogy examines a few during the US Revolutionary War.The second in the trilogy, Maddest Ide...

John October 13, 2017 review from Goodreads

The sixth book read of this author. An exciting page turner. The Biddlecomb character is like a Dirk Pitt of the 18th century

Mark October 12, 2017 review from Goodreads

There were so many twists in this book, it was hard to tell which idea was the maddest. However I really did like how the stakes just kept getting ramped up to a satisfying climactic confrontation.

Mary June 28, 2013 review from Goodreads

I love James L. Nelson's books. I've been a big fan of "sea stories" like Horatio Hornblower and the Aubrey/Maturin series for some time. However, Nelson's writing is much easier to read and I would think more gratifying for the modern audience. His Revolution at Sea series is also from the Ameri...

Jim December 28, 2016 review from Goodreads

It is the summer of 1775, and the colonial troops under General Washington have contained the British troops to the confines of Boston. However, Washington is drastically short of gunpowder. As a result, Captain Isaac Biddlecomb, captain of the brig, "Charlemagne," is sent on a mission to Bermuda...


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