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The Man Who Quit Money

Publisher: Riverhead Books
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Book Summary of The Man Who Quit Money

In 2000, Daniel Suelo left his life savings-all thirty dollars of it-in a phone booth. He has lived without money-and with a newfound sense of freedom and security-ever since. The Man Who Quit Money is an account of how one man learned to live, sanely and happily, without earning, receiving, or spending a single cent. Suelo doesn't pay taxes, or accept food stamps or welfare.

He lives in caves in the Utah canyonlands, forages wild foods and gourmet discards. He no longer even carries an I.D. Yet he manages to amply fulfill not only the basic human needs-for shelter, food, and warmth-but, to an enviable degree, the universal desires for companionship, purpose, and spiritual engagement. In retracing the surprising path and guiding philosophy that led Suelo into this way of life, Sundeen raises provocative and riveting questions about the decisions we all make, by default or by design, about how we live-and how we might live better.

Details of Book: The Man Who Quit Money (BSID:114910)

Book The Man Who Quit Money
Author Mark Sundeen
ISBN 1594485690
ISBN-13 9781594485695, 978-1594485695
Binding Paperback
Publisher Riverhead Books
Publishing Date 2012
Number of Pages 272
Language English
Weight 227 grams

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Ancient March 04, 2012 review from Goodreads

I've been following Suelo's blog and website, Moneyless World - Free World - Priceless World and Living Without Money, for years, now, and it's great to see that somebody finally wrote a book detailing more of his life's story. Suelo is one of my heroes. He's not just a man of ideas, he's a man...

Mathew April 25, 2012 review from Goodreads

I can't recommend this book highly enough. Reminiscent of Elizabeth Gilbert's "The Last American Man," it's a wonderful biography of a man who chooses to live his life on the frontiers of a simple question: What would it mean to live a life without money? While the subject is Daniel Suelo, most r...

Cody October 02, 2012 review from Goodreads

The Man Who Quit Money is a well-researched, clearly written, detailed, and compelling portrait of Daniel Suelo. Mark Sundeen could have easily settled for a long magazine essay on his subject, but Iâ??m glad he didnâ??t. The tangents throughoutâ??ranging from brief exegeses on religious texts and idea...

Jason May 19, 2012 review from Goodreads

The story of Daniel Suelo will linger with you long after you finish this book. His refusal to participate in the money system - he neither works for wages nor accepts any kind of government assistance - draws frequent criticism from those who do not look deep enough. Your tax dollars are not sup...

Rick August 15, 2012 review from Goodreads

An absolutely intriguing story about a man who gave it all up, to not merely sleep walk through life in a cubicle behind a computer screen. Daniel Suelo has lived a league of lives. A life that is certainly unpredictably, an adrenaline rush each day. I applaud and respect this man so much for doi...


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