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The Only Girl In The Car

Publisher: Random House
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Book Summary of The Only Girl In The Car

From the moment fourteen-year-old Kathy decides to lose her virginity and reels in her prey, she is headed for trouble. One cold, raw March night, parked in a car on the outskirts of town with four boys she thought were her friends, she finds it. This is the story of a young girl - the oldest daughter in a Catholic family of six children - struggling to find her proper place in the world. Suddenly as 'the earth blossomed with men and boys', Kathy grasped her path towards power and freedom. But girls who break rules in small towns like hers are expected to pay a high price for their transgressions and Kathy soon learns the price. In this disturbing and powerful memoir Kathy reveals how she stepped out of that car forever altered, but not forever damaged, and how she learned to fight back after being labelled as a slut and ostracised in her own neighbourhood. Always aware that her ambitions were bigger and more complicated than the suburbs she grew up in, Kathy was determined to come through and to transform her fate.

About the Author

Kathy Dobie is a successful young New York journalist who has written for Harper's, The Village Voice, Salon and other publications. She lives in Brooklyn

Details of Book: The Only Girl In The Car (BSID:2621)

Book The Only Girl In The Car
Author Kathy Dobie
ISBN 0099761610
ISBN-13 9780099761617, 978-0099761617
Binding Paperback
Publisher Random House
Publishing Date 20040805
Number of Pages 240
Language English
Dimensions 7.76 x 5.16 x 0.63 inches
Weight 160 grams

Reviews of The Only Girl In The Car (0 Reviews) Have you Read this Book Write a Review

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Amanda June 22, 2012 review from Goodreads

This was truly a great read and a wonderful coming-of-age tale, but the reason I only give it 4 stars is because I felt as though Dobie was not being completely honest to the reader. Sometimes it seemed like she was almost in denial of her own story. She takes the role of the lost, rebellious gir...

Cindy August 04, 2009 review from Goodreads

The Only Girl in the Car has much in common with Lucky. Both authors describe a rape in horrible excruciating detail, while at the same time writing about their families and their years growing up with great humor and affection. In addition, Dobie has one of the most authentic voices I have read...

Sarah November 01, 2011 review from Goodreads

"The Only Girl In The Car," a memoir by Kathy Dobie, was a book like I'd never read before, nor is it your normal everyday book.In the beginning of the book you read about the author as a young girl at the age of 14 sitting on her front lawn in a candy- striped halter top and a pair of tight hip...

Eva March 17, 2010 review from Goodreads

I almost want to give this two stars because unless I really, really hate a book I don't like to hand out a one star. But I didn't finish this and I wasn't into it at all so I can't say that it's okay. I actually started this a week ago and I'm usually on a book for a day or two before I finish....

Laura March 30, 2011 review from Goodreads

This was such a sad story, but so understandable. I ached for this girl who had such a gut wrenching need to be loved for herself, and who went about finding that love in the wrong ways with the wrong people. I understood her need to be who she wanted to be, and the claustrophobia she felt when s...


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