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The Paulo Coelho Deluxe Collection

Publisher: Harpercollins
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Book Summary of The Paulo Coelho Deluxe Collection

The Paulo Coelho Deluxe Collection is a set of 10 books, and this set features the bestsellers written by the popular author, Paulo Coelho. This collection, a treat for all Coelho fans, has the following books, The Alchemist, Fifth Mountain, Eleven Minutes, The Zahir, The Pilgrimage, Veronika Decides to Die, By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept, The Devil and Miss Prym, The Valkyries, and The Witch of Portobello. The highlight of this collection is The Alchemist, which broke records by selling more than 65 million copies and made Coelho the world’s most translated author (living).

Paulo Coelho, the famous Brazilian author and lyricist, was born on the 24th of August, 1947, in Rio de Janeiro. His writing career started in 1982, when he published his first book, Hell Archives. He became a household name following the success of The Alchemist. Coelho was honored by the UN as a ‘Messenger of Peace’ in the year 2007, and he also serves as a member of the Shimon Peres Center for Peace. His other works include Brida, Like the Flowing River, The Winner Stands Alone, Aleph, The Manual of the Warrior of Light, and Revived Paths.

Details of Book: The Paulo Coelho Deluxe Collection (BSID:69584)

Book The Paulo Coelho Deluxe Collection
Author Paulo Coelho
ISBN 000783943X
ISBN-13 9780007839438, 978-0007839438
Binding Paperback
Publisher Harpercollins
Publishing Date 2008
Number of Pages a wonderful slipcase
Language English
Dimensions 7.44 x 7.95 x 4.76 inches
Weight 2153 grams

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Eric_W November 30, 2008 review from Goodreads

You may remember Tanner from previous reviews: the spy who canâ??t sleep. This novel takes place earlier than the one I had read and Block provides a more detailed explanation of just how Tanner got himself into this position (The Thief Who Couldnâ??t Sleep is the first in the series and, naturally,...

Steve May 03, 2011 review from Goodreads

One of Block's evan tanner books. I liked the story. Sometime spy Evan Tanner has accepted impossible assignments for many reasons: money, thrills, to have something to occupy his waking hours (twenty-four of them every day, in fact, since battlefield shrapnel obliterated his brain's sleep center...

Bob January 31, 2010 review from Goodreads

The spy who could not sleep is off on another venture to try to get a gymnast out of Latvia (this is before the breakup of the Soviet Union) for a Latvian/american who is in love with her. On the way he stops to see his son for the first time in Macedonia. As he makes his way north to Latvia he s...

Ann aka Iftcan October 02, 2007 review from Goodreads

Ok, I admit it--this was my first Tanner book, and I just loved the idea of a man who could speak so many languages. His misadventures are always great, since he tends to be fairly clueless and just bulls along. He starts this book out trying to get a friends girlfriend out from behind the Iron C...

Csrabb May 31, 2012 review from Goodreads

Again Block has turned a possibly long and tedious story into a great adventure. He uses humor and witty quips throught the book. Tanner having a wry outlook on things and people around him keep the story flowing and enjoyable.


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