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The Whisperers

Publisher: Hodder Paperbacks
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Book Summary of The Whisperers

The border between Maine and Canada is porous. Anything can be smuggled across it: drugs, cash, weapons, and people. Now a group of disenchanted former soldiers has begun its own smuggling operation, and what is being moved is infinitely stranger and more terrifying than anyone can imagine. Anyone, that is, except private detective Charlie Parker, who has his own intimate knowledge of the darkness in men's hearts. But the soldiers' actions have attracted the attention of the reclusive Herod, a man with a taste for the strange. And where Herod goes, so too does the shadowy figure that he calls the Captain. To defeat them, Parker must form an uneasy alliance with a man he fears more than any other, the killer known as the Collector.

Details of Book: The Whisperers (BSID:19674)

Book The Whisperers
Author John Connolly
ISBN 0340993529
ISBN-13 9780340993521, 978-0340993521
Binding Paperback
Publisher Hodder Paperbacks
Publishing Date 2011
Number of Pages 544
Language English
Dimensions 7.01 x 4.37 x 1.57 inches
Weight 281 grams

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CT February 06, 2011 review from Goodreads

Reading Connollyâ??s latest Parker novel was disappointing and frustrating. Every time Connolly introduces another character, he feels the need to give the character's back-story before returning to the real plot. So many tangents eventually gets annoying. Furthermore, itâ??s almost as if heâ??s afraid...

Steven August 21, 2011 review from Goodreads

John Connollyâ??s The Whisperers was a well-written thriller. The plot was good, though not entirely unpredictable. It is a book, well along in a series. However it was able to stand on its own. I listened to this book on the way to and from work. The reader was quite good. I enjoyed the various vo...

S.D. June 08, 2011 review from Goodreads

Soldiers newly returned from Iraq are committing suicide. The father of Damien Patchett hires Charlie to find out the truth behind his sonâ??s â??allegedâ? suicide. Bennett Patchett doesnâ??t trust Joel Tobias who served with Damien in Iraq. Bennett is fond of a former employee who has taken up with Joe...

Dirk March 16, 2011 review from Goodreads

It took me ages to finish this book, not because it was a particularly demanding read, far from it, but because I've been working late every evening for a while now. As such, it was a bit of a disjointed experience, but an enjoyable one. This is the first Charlie Parker I've read, even though it...

Paul February 25, 2011 review from Goodreads

"The Whisperers" is a highly unusual mystery/thrille, but will not be news to John Connolly fans. If you have not read John Connolly before you will find that he writes an excellent mystery, however, one must be willing to also accept a little of the occult, the macabre, and the supernatural in h...


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