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The White Castle

Publisher: Faber And Faber (penguin India)
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Book Summary of The White Castle

The White Castle, Orhan Pamuk's celebrated first novel, is the tale of a young Italian scholar. Captured by pirates and put up for auction at the Istanbul slave market, and bought by a Turkish savant eager to learn about scientific and intellectual advances in the West. But as they bond over each others sins and secrets, and their relationship grows increasingly complex, master and slave find themselves part of the Sultan's army, and on a journey that will lead them, ultimately, to the White Castle.

‘A new star has risen in the East-Orhan Pamuk. The White Castle is one of those rare novels that call into being a complete and self-contained world shot through with a peculiar brilliance . . . [He] is a story-teller with as much gumption and narrative zip as Scheherazade.' —New York Times  

‘Elegant and important . . . Comparisons with Kafka and Calvino do not exaggerate; their seriousness, their delicacy and their subtlety are everywhere in evidence.' —Independent  

‘Turkey's foremost novelist and one of the most interesting literary figures anyweher . . . A first-rate storyteller.' —Times Literary Supplement

Details of Book: The White Castle (BSID:109432)

Book The White Castle
Author Orhan Pamuk
ISBN 0571164668
ISBN-13 9780571164660, 978-0571164660
Binding Paperback
Publisher Faber And Faber (penguin India)
Publishing Date august 2001
Number of Pages 160
Language Turkish

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Ian October 24, 2011 review from Goodreads

A Short StartI started reading this novel, because it was Pamuk's shortest and although I liked the subject matter of his other novels, I was worried I might bite off more than I could chew (I am the sort of person who must finish a book once I've started it, even if I hate it).So this was a tast...

Chul-hyun April 19, 2008 review from Goodreads

Are we really so different from one another? Why am I not the magnificent white castle that sits on top of the hill but a rusty, creaking and nonsensical monstrosity wrought in hopes of "proving things to them", stuck in mud and sinking to its death with poor, accidental participants in it? Why c...

Moon July 29, 2012 review from Goodreads

To plunge into the abysmal recesses of one's memories is to enter a reality within realities . A parallel formless universe that silently resides inside one's mind that is directly proportional or reversely different from what they actually are. As the material form of the sensual world merges wi...

Desi August 24, 2012 review from Goodreads

'Mengerikan'. In a good way.Kalau Patrick Suskind menyelesaikan Perfume dengan banal atau 'kasar', maka Pamuk dalam White Castle adalah sebaliknya. Mungkin bukan analogi yang tepat, tapi akan lebih tidak tepat lagi bila aku menggunakan Smooth Operator milik Sade. Hehe.

Ririenz March 20, 2009 review from Goodreads

THE WHITE CASTLE~ Orhan Pamuk ~Pernah gak sih dalam diri ini dan diri kalian semua terbersit keinginan, bermimpi atau bercita2 untuk melakukan dan merasakan sesuatu yang berbeda? Sesuatu yang gak biasa Qta lakukanâ?¦ Sesuatu yang bukan diri Qtaâ?¦ Sesuatu yang tidak lazim terjadi pada diri Qtaâ?¦ hingg...


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