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Edition : India Language: English Frequency : Monthly
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Magazine Summary of Digit (BSID:623)

Digit Magazine

Alpha DVD

  • CES 2015 Highlights and Keynotes (Open source Virtual Rality, Intel Keynote, Mercedes--Benz Keynote, NVIDIA Keynote)
  • Virtualization and Emulation Software that goes with our FT this month (VMWare Workstation, Android Studio, 8-Bit Gaming)
  • ... and much more.


Omega DVD

  • You get -
  • Games - Hawkeen, TOME: Immortal Arena, Q.U.B.E. Demo and more...
  • Gaming resources - 3D Mark, GeForce Experience, Razer Gaming and manu more...
  • Audiobooks - The Adventures of Sherlock Homes, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The War of the Words

Fast Track to Emulate Everthing

  • You don’t need the hardware to use the software, just emulate everything!
  • Learn about:
  • Emulation vs. Virtualisation vs. Simulation
  • Emulating desktop OSes and programs
  • Emulating a mobile operating system on desktop
  • Using online emulators to run mobile, and desktop platforms on web-browsers.
  • Hardware device emulation
  • Old school gaming using emulators
  • Emulators for smartphones
  • Emulating one browser on another

SKOAR! plus a large poster!

  • Cover story – Evil
  • Review - Elite: Dangerous, Game of Thrones, This War of Mine, The Crew, MGS: Ground Zero
  • Mobile games - Monthly round-up of Mobile Games
  • Tips - Elite: Dangerous: How to Make Money
  • Feature - Tech Phails

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