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About Bookstok

Bookstok Media Pvt Ltd is set up by three enterprising young partners who’ve had their fair share in the corporate life, close to 10 years. Experiences in these years that have taught and made us stronger to the expected rigours of entrepreneurship.

Bookstok was started with a simple idea of bringing back reading in vogue again in an age of attention deficiency. An age where multitasking is the norm and everything from instant noodles to instant messaging is in trend. Such is the time where newspapers condense articles into micro tit bits for you to read and trivia is the only way to garner attention.

Therefore the aim of Bookstok is too make the experience of reading a hip, knowledgeable and fun affair. We endeavour to provide the reader a plethora of options from books, educational books, magazines and options in regional languages as well. The differentiation of course is that all the above will also be available at your fingers tips so that you can read your favourite classic on a kindle, ipad or a handheld device. At Bookstok we wish to be a company who enriches the reading experience of a user and therefore focus only on that and not be a multi channel retailer.

The other stuff like best prices, free home delivery and a strategy that is consumer focused makes us a great new force to reckon with in the digital commerce world and in the world of reading.


All major Credit and Debit cards accepted. We also accept payments by Internet Banking, Cash on Delivery and Cheque


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